Quotes about the mines

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This is a video with quotes out the interviews we took: http://youtu.be/umEfHgOIfbY


Process Video

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This is the video that show the process of our project.  

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-03 om 10.28.43

Video C-mine expierience

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Video on old bathing building

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Exhibition of Photographs

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  Our idea is to make an exhibition of photographs of old mine workers. This exhibition will take place in the C-mine part you can visit for free.


5 Directions

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Problem Map

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Design Proposal

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Lightshow in Maastricht

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In 2011 in Maastricht was a lightshow organised, projected on a building. The show tells the story and history of Maastricht. The building tells the story of wat it has seen through these many years.  


Reference Project: Heroes of Labour

May 20, 2014 / 0 comments

http://www.glebkosorukov.com/ On this website you’ll see the reference project “Heroes of Labour”.  It’s a source of information about Heroes of Labour project and the summer 2013 exhibition in Genk, Belgium. The Heroes of Labour project and installation is an attempt to question radical changes in the very notion of Labour in contemporary, post-industrial society. The global…

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Portraits of the Homeless

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In 2008, accountant and amateur photographer Lee Jeffries was in London to run a marathon. On the day before the race, Jeffries thought he would wander the city to take pictures. Near Leicester Square, he trained his 5D camera with a long, 70-200 lens on a young, homeless woman who was huddled in a sleeping…

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Video wall: national geographic museum

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  The exhibit at the National Geographic Museum presents a larger-than-life picture of the many facets of our world on a Clarity Matrix LCD video wall, from Planar. The physical layout provides a novel and engaging platform that maximizes the impact of the National Geographic Society’s renowned visual content.