Documentation & Recipes

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Collecting Recipes

June 9, 2014 / 0 comments

To collect recipes, we positioned us with a cooking table at Genk’s marketplace. To keep the communication simple and to break the language barrier we designed an example recipe. We designed it to speak through its images. We invited interested passers-by to write their personal recipes on blank papers.



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Proposal Idea

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Public Brewing

May 24, 2014 / 0 comments

From 01. June on there is a box installed in front of the Uergie brewery in Dusseldorf. If you put two euros into this machine, screens behind the windows will visualize digital employees. The box displays the seperate  steps of brewing beer. The player follows the given instructions which are visualized on the screens. Link: http://samvieten.de/dwl_pbll/xcn/  


Rudi rockt

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So funktioniert rudirockt Jeweils zwei Teilnehmer bilden ein Team Nach der Anmeldephase wird euch eure persönliche Dinner-Route zugeschickt mit dem Gang, den ihr kochen müsst (entweder Vor-, Haupt- oder Nachspeise). Diesen Gang kocht ihr in der eigenen Küche. Zum Essen kommen dann zwei weitere Gast-Teams dazu, sodass insgesamt sechs Personen pro Gang zusammen essen. Zu…

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Joshua Barndt (2012 ACE Opportunities Award Winner), community collaboration and cultural diversity

May 12, 2014 / 0 comments

The Artists for Community Engagement (ACE) Awards focus on the arts, community collaboration and cultural diversity. The ACE Awards are the result of a partnership between Toronto Arts Foundation’s Neighbourhood Arts Network and the 2010 DiverseCity Fellows. The TD ACE ‘Opportunity’ Award for Individual Artists celebrates an individual who has made a significant contribution by…

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Interactive video projection on the front of a historic building The MODULAR festival is a cultural event for the youth of Augsburg with over 60 different performances at 24 different places in the city. The concept of the festival is that every active module in town does its part. The “Stadtjugendring” in return is supporting…

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