perfect picture.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a group picture. But we didn’t take that as an excuse or as a negative aspect about our intervention. Instead of being sad we thought of a different way to create our perfect picture. A collage! It symbolizes the process of our intervention and shows that there is no perfect picture since…

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-26 um 15.48.01

final logo.

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In the end our logo looked totally different from what we started with. It is something that people can keep in mind easily. The colour blue symbolizes the sky. So people would see the “sky as their limit”. Nothing is impossible.

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video // documentation.

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We chose to make a video to document our invention. It was the best possibility to show how the moldboard started and evolved. It also shows all the people that passed and those who participated. video –>

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presentation // book – NEXT IS NOW!

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Here is the presentation and the book of the NEXT IS NOW! group.   1_presentation book



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The caption: Lets talk about your dream job will attract people and make them curious. Additionally to that we will talk to people to start the conversation. Questions that we will ask the participants: 1: What is your dream job? –> They have to visualize their dream job on the moodboard with the material we…

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When we came up with our new idea I immediately thought of graffiti. Most of the graffitis are illegal but have important messages. So I was thinking of giving people a chance to post their opinions and wishes on a legal graffiti.

inspiration pinboard/moodboard

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1 brightfull banners

Infographic // Video

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Infographic NIN   // processvideo


Inspiration video

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We used this video as an inspiration for our concept; Trying to attract people and let them participate for creating a big ‘real-life’ moodboard.

inspiration – wir.köln

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Take what you need


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 This is a post from which came to my mind during the drawing session an which was later the inspiration for our new concept.    This video made by a group of last years project inspired us to do a talent puzzle so that people would rethink there view on work and see what…

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  Most of the drawings show the details of the old concept which we depraved due to the high costs of the material we needed. During the map it session the second picture lead to our new concept.

Map it

Map it!

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  During the Map it session we developed a whole new concept which is very low key and has a great part of interaction in it. Also the map it session was a lot of fun and it reduced the ideas to the very necessary thoughts and materials we need. Additionally it revealed possible problems.

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inspiration // pictures

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moodboard // mindmap // printwork

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