Ways of documenting

April 20, 2015 - Resources

There are many ways you could go about documenting your project using different kinds of media.

As you’ll be in a public space and most likely outside there are more creative ways you could go about this then just using the classics.

The links below are one of the many examples of software that allows you to broadcast live from anywhere using a smartphone or laptop. Do some research and test a few possible candidates before selecting.

Broadcasting live audio:


Broadcasting live video and audio:

Youtube is a pretty reliable way of going about this. Think of all the live broadcasts of protests we’ve seen popping up everywhere the past year like the Anonymous Million Mask March last November. There’s a how to in the link below.

4 ways to stream live video

or even better, the Youtube official how to page:

If you’re not planning to do live streaming there are of course the classic channels you can use for quickly uploading video, audio and photo material. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vine, …

Try to think beyond digital

If all this is too technical and you feel analog is the way to go, there are always creative ways of getting your project out there. For instance: Instant printing cameras are back in fashion so you could build up a live gallery of whatever the project might become. Last year students used chalk on a big scale, … I’m not going to bring up any box to think out of (I kinda did now) but you get the idea. Get creative.

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