Public design projects- Group 4: For the pubic

April 23, 2015 - 4 The People

 Hiroshi Nakamura’s TPOP  

Hiroshi Nakamura’s TPOP has a dual identity, its garden rooftop allowing for isolation from the intense pace of Tokyo, forgetting for a moment the building’s ultra-urban setting

Functional Children’s Modular Entertainment Corner for Public Space Furniture, Ottawa by Emiliana Design

Functional, unique and stylish children modular entertainment corner design, Ottawa series for public spaces like airports, shopping malls, schools or health centers.Designed by Ana Mir and Emili Padros from Emiliana Design, a Barcelona (Spain) based design studio, the children modular entertainment corner offer a fresh combination of design, material, high technical with more attention in functional and comfortability of the product. The structure of functional modular entertainment corner consists of steel pipes, painted and lacquered panels are made of plywood. This design includes various items such as benches, tables, chests, mats or boards that can be combined to create different arrangements. The Unique childrens entertainment corner design is a great solutions to the creation of specially designated areas for children. This design provide a special space for the youngest, give a comfort with the special design.

Functional Childrens Modular Entertainment Corner Design for Public Space Furniture, Ottawa by Emiliana Design


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