Inspiration: Alexander Kjerulf

April 27, 2015 - What's next?

Alexander Kjerulf is a speaker, consulter and author. He serves as an inspiration for our interventions in Genk because he faces the topic work from another point of view. Alexander Kjerulf talks about happiness at work and that everyone has to actively create happiness at work on it’s own. Happiness at work is not about raises, promotions, titles, perks or bonuses but about results and relationships. Results means that you are good at what you do and that you know that you create value and make a difference. He says that making a difference is one of the most important psychological needs of human beings because we feel good when we make a difference. The other point, which is necessary to create happiness at work is that you like the people you work with and that they also like you, so relationships. This means you like your co-workers, your boss and that there is a good atmosphere and mood in the company. So Alexander Kjerulf asks the question what oneself can do to create results and relationships at work and claims that it is about celebrating victories. According to that people will be more creative, productive and motivated if they love their job and “happy companies” are more efficient, innovative and make more money.

 So Alexander Kjerulf is quite interesting for us whereas we want the inhabitants to find out what could be the next step about work in Genk in our interventions. We also want that they actively take part in the process of creating new ideas.

We did not found an inspiration/related project, which matches with our idea of an intervention but we think that Alexander Kjerulf’s thoughts give us some inspirations concerning the content of our intervention(s).

In addition to that we found another video, which deals with the meaning of company culture. The people in the video say that company culture is not about marketing videos and plenty of measures but about feeling comfortable at work and liking the people you work with. This also supports Kjerulf’s ideas and might be important for our interventions, too. The next step regarding work in Genk is not found by the government, but by the people who actually will take up employment.

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