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April 28, 2015 - WORKspace



We thought about that advertising column in the middle of our project. In the beginning there are information about the past on the column, so the people can read it: newspaper texts, photos and information from the internet. Our target is that the people do think about the past but want to look into the future, so they put their ideas about the future over the information about the past. This is a symbol that the people leave the past behind and go into the future with new ideas and hopes.

The people in the city can come to our column and create their own posters or only write down what they think about the future in Genk and about the work in the future, too. They put their posters or papers on the column, so everyone can see it and think about it. The people can sit down there and talk to each other about their ideas of the future.

We are also there and want to ask the people why they think in the way they wrote on their posters.

The people will have a lot of different possibilities to create their ideas: different colors, stickers, glue and all the things they need to tinker. But if they don’t have so much time to create the poster, we will have papers with a question on it, so they can answer it and put it on the column.


  1. calderonp says:

    Can you elaborate a bit on this idea? It seems rather interesting, and would like to give some input, but would need some basic explanation of it…

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