April 28, 2015 - Talk Laundry

  • Job blender: Removing prejudices about a typical men/woman’s job
    Putting a big jar with cards (with jobs on) in the city, letting people swap jobs for a day.
  • Put the focus on the job, instead of the gender
  • Listing all kind of tasks (parts of jobs), letting people think about what competencies they want to accomplish => End result are specific jobs.
  • Calendar: Men’s day, woman’s day => Breaking boundaries because they are fly on the wall of each other’s typical days
  • Group project: Town square => different stands with a certain ‘stereotypical job’ => different gender is the host of that job
  • Twister: Homework edition (tasks randomly)
  •  Men and women show each other their stereotypical skill => Teach them the job and swap jobs. Show them they’re not doing nothing but actually preforming a job / skill.
  • Print campaign: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Typical feminine wife, with a heavy/ strong job like car manufacturing
  • Statements on the shirt: Provoking a discussion on the streets (future dreams, visions on the current lifestyle, unemployment, …) “de vuile was buiten hangen”
  • “Pick your future job” => T-shirts on the street, pick one => future job (Bright pink for a typical men’s job, …)
  • Different cultures combine their strengths and create a room of a house Or a different artwork. Each culture creates a different room.
  • Culture Benches => Letting different culture design a bench (either a complete bench or each culture a wooden beam of the bench). Create a new social space
  • Job Jar / Job blender => Companies put job offers for a day in a jar en let unemployed people pick a job for a day => Paid & shows them the variety of the jobs available

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