Map-it || group 6

May 1, 2015 - WORKspace



In our map we have chosen three different points where it would be possible to place our installation. We thought about the places where are a lot of people so we can reach as many people as possible on one point.

Then we thought about the people who live or only spend time at the different places and who would come to our installation.

The arrows show that we will build the column in the FabLab. The other things around the column we will bring from home. All those things are needed on the places where our installation will take place in the end. (green lines)

On the hand one the bombs mark the things that are important for our project: Ford, the mines and the future. On the other hand the bombs mark conflicts in Genk: the residential behind the school (site 21) where only a few of the houses are rented, conflict between the students and the pupils because the pupils are hanging around all the time and there is not much interaction between students and pupils.

The good things are the c-mine and the area around the station, where we want to place our installation.

For the German members of our team it was really interesting to find out more about Genk. We talked about where we want wo place our installation and thought about the people in those areas. Because of that our installation became more realistic and it became easier to imagine what it will looks like in the end. At first it was a little bit hard to start but after some time it got easier and it was fun to think about the project on the map.

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