Inspiration: working with cards/post-its

May 1, 2015 - What's next?

First we want the people to dress the doll with real clothes, which matches with their imagination of the future of work in Genk. But they also have to add an “emotion card” to estimate their proposal (desirable, realistic, afraid). Those cards will have different colours.

So as you can see in the video below we want to collect as many ideas as possible. In our case this will focus on the future of work in Genk and we will collect the feelings towards this suggested future on the “emotion cards”.

In the end we want to write the different job-suggestions on cards, which will have the colour of the people’s estimation (blue, green, orange) and want to dress the dress-up doll with those cards/post-its. You can see how this could look like in the picture at the top. The dress-up doll will wear a dress out of cards/post-its.


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