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“Create participation of the public”: a key element in public design is the public itself. It’s important that we can persuade the unemployed people of Genk to participate at our project. We want to achieve this by ‘offering’ them something useful in terms of work. In return the only thing we expect is that they will start a dialogue with the other participants about work.

In the drawing the idea of participation is visualized by different hands and different people.

Create a good reputation for the Fablab

We want to make a connection between the designers and the unemployed people who lives in Genk. Therefore we will make use of the Fablab. Our final prototype will be made of materials that are designed by us and printed or cut in the Fablab. We will visualize our prototyping process in a tutorial so that the inhabitants of Genk can see how we designed our final concept and where we designed our concept.

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