Inspiration: Your Words and Thoughts Create Your Future

May 1, 2015 - What's next?

According to this famous Abraham Lincoln quote we choose this Video of

Louise Hay – Your Words and Thoughts Create Your Future

as an further Inspiration for our Project.



The Video is about how words and ideas not only influence your future, but already create it.

It says that you first have to be conscious about the problem before you can change it.

The aim is to come from a feeling-based thinking of e.g. work to a concrete idea of it.

“You can`t change your thoughts if you don’t know what your thoughts are”

“Your thoughts create your life”


This is also the idea behind our project. At first it isn’t important what you think the work culture in Genk will be like and whether you have a good or bad feeling about it. The people should just become self-aware about their current thinking and express their thoughts in a creative way.

But after that we want to talk to the people, that these thoughts might build the reality and if the People don’t want so they have to become part of the debate and change their thoughts and actions to prevent this future.

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