Deliverables 04/05/2015

April 29, 2015 - Resources / Uncategorized


* Post the picture of the MAP-iT with a short explanation / reflection (what was interesting of the session? what was not interesting? was it somehow useful? how?).

* Post a picture of the wall of drawings, plus one or two pictures of the most representative ones (also with short explanation).

* Post one reference of a video / project / author / etc. of inspiration for your project (one per person).


* Each group should do an A1 with (at least) 10 sketches / drawings that explain your proposal. The format, tool, technique of this drawings is completely free, but they have to be undoubtedly more refined than the quick sketches of today.


* Read THIS article. Is called THE CITY, SPACE, WORK AND PEOPLE WHO MAKE THINGS and is quite relevant for our theme. Besides this article, find and read another article relevant to your project. Post it on the blog under the category Resources.

Prototyping Material

*Next week we will do the prototyping and testing of the proposals. So, bring material that you might have in your house / studios, as well as basic elements like tape, glue, cutters, scissors, etc.

* Bring cameras or recording material (your mobile phone would do, consider using a tripod).

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