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Article || Future of work

May 3, 2015 - Resources / WORKspace

Technology is reshaping the world of work. These stories investigate how new tools can help us be happier, more creative, and more productive in our pursuits.

On this site are a lot of articles about the future of work.

I have read the first article. That article is based on the thoughts about the industrial work and the safety in our world.

‘Although engineers, inspectors, and other members of the industrial workforce are often silent partners in our daily lives, they keep our aging infrastructure safe and our economy growing. Their future is our future. By supporting them and providing sophisticated tools that are connected and collaborative, we improve inspection, enhance safety and, in turn, create a better future.’

This site can be relevant for our projects because a lot of people write down their thoughts and stories there about the future of the work and how the new tools can help us to be more creative.

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