May 3, 2015 - What's next?


We already had a very clear imagination of our intervention and documentation before we started the MAP-IT session. Nevertheless it was useful to see where we want to locate our interventions and what risks and chances these locations might harbor. We also develop some kind of priority list because we think that it could be difficult to manage our time when we have four different locations. So if we notice that we get in time problems (or people are not willing to take part in our interventions at some locations) we would for example not go to the train station. We think that the other locations especially the “Entertainment centre” open the chances to evolve better and more creative results because the people might have more time than the people at the train station. Another good aspect of the MAP-IT session was, that we got an overview of Genk (also it was not true to scale), so we could see what different kind of locations and people we could meet here. It was good to concentrate on our ideas for our interventions thereby we were able to make different versions for our idea dependent on the different locations. That means that the people at the train station, who will not have so much time to take part in our project won’t be ask to clothe the dress-up doll but should write their thoughts about the future of work in Genk on the cards.

Summarizing we can say that the MAP-IT session was useful to get an idea of the city and to see that we have to adapt our intervention to the conditions of the different places. We think that it would have been even more useful, if we had this session earlier. But it was a loosely way to deal with our project and we had fun during this session. In addition to that we created a new map in the map, which only represent the locations that are important for us.

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