May 3, 2015 - What's next?

During the drawing session we did not have much time to implement our ideas. For that reason we had to concentrate on the most important details we want to highlight. It was very good to have all those different drawings because afterwards we were able to work out our final idea for our intervention and we wrote a plan what we need for our intervention and documentation and which steps of work we have to fulfill.

As you can see in the picture we will work with a dress-up doll and this doll should come across as a blank page/space. So the people won’t be influenced and can be as creative and free as possible.

We want the people to chose clothes, which match with their imagination of what the future of work in Genk might be. Therefor we will have a clothes rail with different clothes and accessories.

But in case people do not want to dress the doll or do not find the right clothes, they are also allow to write their job-suggestion on a card. In addition to that there will be emotion cards with different colours, which also will become part of the dress-up doll. In the end we will write all the suggestions of jobs on coulored cards (dependent on the people’s estimation) and put them on the dress-up doll.

The first priority of our interventions are the thoughts about work but in a second step we want the people to add emotion cards (see above) to the dress-up doll, which show their attitudes toward this suggested future of work.

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