Video: process of our intervention

May 21, 2015 - What's next?

This video shows the process of our intervention, we had last week. You also have the link to our video in our blog entry with the final presentation. We did the intervention at the train station in Genk, although we firstly thought, that this would only be an optional location. But we made good experiences at the train station during our prototyping, so we decided to stick to this location.

In the video you can see the different parts/steps of our intervention. The first step was, that people approached or that we talked to them in order to make them think about the future of work in Genk. Then we had conversations with the participants and they told us about their ideas. After that they searched for clothes or they wrote a card. Finally they dressed the dress-up doll or pinned on their cards. Of course it was not that strictly structured because sometimes the people took the initiative and searched directly for clothes (for example) before they explained, what they were thinking about.

It was a good experience to have a real intervention in Genk and as you can see in the video, the people liked to participate and also said, that they liked the way we dealt with this sensitive topic. Our stand was attractive to the people, therefore they were very curious and took some time to think about our question or to talk about their jobs and wishes. Like we explained in our presentation, we sometimes had communication problems, nevertheless we had plenty of successful conversations. It was quite interesting to talk to the people and they did not only interact with us, but also with other people around our stand.

They had really good and sometimes even innovative ideas for the future of work in Genk. So our idea, that people should not wait for opportunities, but see and create them by their own proved to be successful.

You can see the answers of the people and the results of our intervention in our booklet. In the blog entry with the booklet you will also get some more information.

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