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May 22, 2015 - Uncategorized / What's next?


We had plenty of answers to our question and wanted to document them not only in our video but also took photos of the participants and the doll which “wears” their answers.

In this booklet we show the idea, the process and the collected answers. Also we draw some more results which shows the distributions of the answers, this results are also included in the booklet.

We are very happy about the conversations and the answers of the people. We get to know them better and also get an idea which are wished and possible solutions f0r the work future in Genk.

At the moment a lot of people seem to have a negative assoziation with work in Genk, the youth don’t see a future at all if nothing changes. But they all want to have work offers which includep the people of Genk from different countries,ages, with different level of education and so on.

A good model could be the answer of one of the participants:

ZOL (Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg) St. Jan.

Our Hospital will be a care center which includes schools, shops and areas. There is the possibility to work in different positions of the hierarchy. So, well educated, but also persons with a low level of education can work her.

Another one was:

Here are so many nationalities. So.. yes. Maybe cooking from different countries is interesting for Genk.

The most people think about what could be changed in the current system of work, but one woman also think outside the box and think that the whole system (even of trading work against money) should be changed to create

open space for “new” Life to happen


We are glad to met this different people and happy about their motivation and inspiration.

At the end our doll is dressed with a lot and colourfull ideas on our “workcards”.

The participants create a new work “identity” for Genk with their Ideas.

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