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May 26, 2015 - WORKspace

The logo should be clear and should show what the WORKspace is.

ColumnWe wanted to use the column for our logo because it was the main part of the installation. With the column as a part of the logo, it is clear what the WORKspace is.

Work-Space-Logo-WORDSWe put the name in this way on the column because it shall look like it was pinned or pasted on the column like the papers that were on our column at the end go our project. To separate the word ‘work’ and ‘space’ we wrote ‘work’ in big letters and ‘space’ in small letters.

The name ‘WORKspace’ creates two different meanings of the word ‘workspace’. On the one hand it is the place where you can work. On the other hand there are the words ‘work’ and ‘space’ and that was our installation. We created a place where people can talk and think about work.

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