Project Inspiration Part III – Projects for the Homeless

April 24, 2016 - All Inclusive

Nowadays there are already quite a number of initiatives being taken to lend aid to homeless people. Muna.Co is not an exception and has already conducted a number of workshops for the homeless. Amongst them was a project that focused on smartphone photography. Ilse, founder of Muna.Co, told us that it in general forms a very nice experience for the homeless to partake in such a workshop, especially because it concerns something that they would otherwise not come into contact with. Despite the good intentions of the initiative, it’s not always easy for these people to participate in this kind of workshop. Experience has learned Ilse, that its hard for the homeless to show up on time  or to share a meal with the other participants, they aren’t used to these kind of things and needed to be taught as the workshops were being given. In this post we would like to discuss a number of other projects that have been initiated to help homeless people in order to serve as an inspiration for our current project in which the homeless also form a partaking audience. Aside from serving as inspiration, these projects also serve to demonstrate that initiatives don’t always need to be extremely expensive or complicated in order to make a difference.

Pop-up Clothing Store or the Homeless
In Cape Town a number of organisations have taken the initiative of setting up a pop-up store with clothes for homeless people. People can donate clothes to the pop-up store, which are then displayed on/with carton boards/signs in order to create an appealing look. The donated clothes are displayed like in any regular store and homeless people can really choose clothes of their liking. Even though many people donate clothes to good causes, this initiative makes the act of donating clothes and receiving them, more fun for both parties. 


The Bicycle Library
A 61 year old man had the idea of creating a moving library for the homeless. He rebuild a bicycle in such a manner so that he could move up to 150 books in a carriage behind the bike. Many people were inspired by his initiative and donated books to his cause. The man now cycles around the city and allows homeless people to borrow books from his moving library. There’s no paperwork or membership required to borrow a book from his library, the service completed depends on trust and honesty he has in the homeless that borrow his books, and the faith he has in them to return the books to the library. 


Haircuts for Hugs!
A retired hairdresser is giving free haircuts to people who find themselves in difficult situations in exchange for hugs. The man felt he had to do something for homeless people and decided he could lend a hand by offering the service best known to him. For the last 25 years the man has been moving around the city looking for people that need his services. On a superficial level it probably seems like a very small deed, but the service holds much more than that. Homeless people often have a lot of trouble finding a job, a simple haircut can do a lot to change their appearance when they do go on a job interview because you never get a second chance for a first impression. So who knows such a small thing as a haircut, can make a huge difference.

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