Project Inspiration 4 – What You See / What You Don’t See

May 2, 2016 - All Inclusive

This next inspirational video is a campaign by Neinstrein & Associates to make people more aware of mental illness. Outsiders often do not believe that there is anything wrong with this people simply because they can not see anything that is wrong about them. However, mental illnesses like depression seem to pop up even more often nowadays, statistics on how many people are confronted with these difficulties in their life prove that. This is the very reason why the organisation asks to share this video as much as possible in order to create more awareness and so that we can have a more understanding and caring point of view towards each other.

The beauty of this video rests with how the (ill) individuals are given the opportunity to speak. The video shows how these people at first sight all have their characteristics, stories and normal lives which all seem very happy. ‘Seem’ is the key word here, because a mental illness is a treacherous condition, on a surface level outsiders can not detect a single thing amiss with these people, but inside they are all struggling and fighting. The important part of this video for our project is the aspect of letting these people speak, giving them a podium to express themselves on. It is important that the participants of Muna.Co’s workshops have the chance to indicate what they deem to be important and/or valuable. The founder of Muna.Co, Ilse, indicated that some participants prefered not to have an indication on a menu that said “this food was made by disabled people”. In that moment, the participants wanted to be treated and perceived as being ‘normal’ people, no pity, no being looked down on – just being appreciated for their work.
The task at hand for our project is conducting further research into how these people want to be seen by society. What does it mean to be part of a workshop and what would help them or what would be their vision for branding Muna.Co in society.

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