The process from now on & Interventions

May 9, 2016 - All Inclusive

At the start of this week we made a clear overview of the process we have been going through and will go through for this project. We divided the entire project into 10 steps, some of which are already completed, others are currently being executed and of course there are parts that still needed to be completed.

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At the start of this week we found ourselves about halfway through the entire process, we were in between the ideas we generated for the project and doing interventions to gain more insight on these ideas. On monday we prepared our interventions and gathered all necessary materials needed to conduct them. We developed some materials that we needed in order to do the interventions and went out on tuesday and during the rest of the week to conduct our interventions “on the street”. However, the interventions weren’t literally conducted on the street because we made the conscious choice not to do so. We wanted the people that would take part to not be in a hurry or have other appointments and really take the time to think about the subject at hand. This mostly because we both realised that it is quite a serious topic and people shouldn’t take it too lightly. For our interventions we targeted a wide variety of people, we spoke with completely independent people of several age categories, we spoke to individuals working in the care taking industry or those doing social work, to employers who work with other special programs that helps reintegrate people with special needs and last we targeted individuals with ‘special needs’ who at this moment don’t participate in the activities of Muna.Co.

For our interventions we made use of several methods:

  • Image/symbol association
  • Word association
  • Visualising words

All these exercises were packed in a sort of ‘game’ like activity asking people to actively participate by either writing down concepts and sorting or making images. If need be we asked extra questions to understand people’s motivations for doing certain things or offered further context or explanation with the activities if need be.

The two most important questions we seek to have answered with the interventions is firstly:

  1. How does society perceive projects like Muna.Co and what would they like to see from these kind of projects?
  2. How do participants in the Muna.Co workshops want to be seen by society?

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The first set of interventions that will offer answers to the first questions is completed and yet to be analysed. This analysis will give us the information needed to start work on the prototype for communicating better outward. We are currently still awaiting a response in order to perform a different kind of intervention with the participants of the workshops. Due to the time constraints of the project we might need to consider downsizing this, or making the response group more select. In the most extreme situation we might not be able to complete that line of input into the prototype, but we are hopeful to receive the last input this week.


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