Intervention Analysis Process

May 13, 2016 - All Inclusive

At the request of the course tutors we created an overview of the process we went through for our interventions.

As mentioned in earlier post we designed our interventions with the purpose of conducting them in relatively quiet surroundings do people could consider this serious subject thoroughly. We chose to combine a number of methods: using image association, word association and a combination of the two with a drawing exercise. The pictures in the timeline show people completing the exercises.

After completion we analysed the results by comparing all the individual packages. We learned a great many things from the results, first we concluded that there were specific symbols that every participant related to caretaking or helping other people. We eventually singled these symbols out and used this as inspiration for a logo design for Muna.Co. We also learned that the already existing symbols to convey disabilities aren’t known or clear to everyone. Surprisingly we also found contradicting results, for example participants discarded certain images in the symbol association exercise when two exercises onwards they actually drew a similar symbol to express a similar concept. We also analysed symbols that were recurrently grouped together and used this for inspiration for our prototype. In addition to that we added new symbols that will add on the dimension of emotions. We initially didn’t test emotional symbols since these are more generally accepted (example: a smiley face for happiness :) , face with tears for sadness :’( )

The interventions gave us very valuable insights. In the word association test we also encountered certain colors that people associate with help and care, this was of course implemented into the design process. We consider the input we received during the interventions as a key turning point in the project, giving it a more specific direction.


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