Project Inspiration Part V – Prototype Inspiration

May 16, 2016 - All Inclusive

For our last inspiration post we decided to looks for inspiration that could assist us in creating our prototype(s). There were several projects that were mentioned during the module that actually were a direct inspiration to the end result of our project.
Firstly we would like to mention a part of the ‘Conflict Kitchen’ project that served as an inspiration for creating our prototypes. The food served from the kitchen in this project was served in wrappers/packaging that contained information about the country that formed the subject of the kitchen at that very moment. The way of conveying information like this was something that inspired us to create a more ‘original’ way of communicating information rather than just handing out flyers or using posters. We wanted to keep the idea of using food packaging and wrapping as a way of communicating a message in mind. What we also wanted to take into account into our process was the adjustable factor that was integral to this way of communicating. If the Conflict Kitchen switched ‘country’ of origin for their inspiration the wrappers and packaging needed to change as well. This works well with the customisable and adaptable aspect that we wanted to integrate into our project.

conflict-kitchen-pittsburgh-wrapper-food 7-features_conflict-kitchen-pittsburgh_i156_1010x1040


he second example that was used in the module that we would like to use as a source of inspiration for making our prototype is the MIT Media Lab logo development that was shown to us as being relevant to our projects. What makes this specific logo very special is that it can take all sorts of forms, shapes and colors but it is still recognisable as being the logo of the MIT Media Lab. The fact that something can be different but yet still represent the very same organisation is the aspect that we want to transfer into our prototypes.


We want to use the customisable factor from one project, but make sure that it always remains recognisable as being something that represents Muna.Co (which is the aspect that inspires us from the second project).

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