April 20, 2014 - Resources

Creative Design Module 2014

On Public Design and Creative Communication


The (public) space in and around Winterslag (C-Mine) is an under-explored context full of potential. It is a meeting point for people from different backgrounds and expertises (creatives, students, miners, commerce, residents, etc). A designer should be able to interpret the interests of a group of constituents (a company, organization, community, etc), and deliver a creative proposal that answers to their interests and fits a specific context.

Multimedia Technology allows us to collect, organize and represent data and information in many different ways, yet it always demands the action of a human being to mediate and unleash its potential. Designers should be able to tap into the potential of these technologies and, by doing so, they turn it into a tool for representation and communication between human beings.


During this year’s CDM will encourage students to work in real interaction in public space context, and be able to represent it in multi-medial ways.


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