UN WOMEN | The Autocomplete Truth

May 5, 2014 - Creative Communication

creative way of communicating the present lack of gender equality around the globe!


In today’s modern age, it’s almost unthinkable to consider gender inequality as a persisting issue. UN Women however, sees that despite decades of global advancement, prejudice and discrimination against women is still rampant worldwide. 

We needed to lay this bare to audiences in both developed and developing societies, to reignite a conversation everyone thought was resolved. 

Using Google’s autocomplete function, fed by over 6 billion searches daily, we held up a mirror to the world and exposed the hidden truth on gender bias that still exists today. 

The Most Shared Ad of 2013 (Adweek). Social Good Campaign of 2013 (Ad Council). The campaign reached 1.2 Billion Global Impressions with over 224 Million Twitter Impressions. 

More than just mass media coverage in every continent, it drove men and women to debate the topic on social media, TV talk shows, radio stations, blogs, PR summits and even in classrooms worldwide. 

With a few simple facts, we transformed the world into one enormous UN forum for the people, paving the way for real change.

*Ads based on actual Google search results on 03/09/2013.

see the whole project: http://bit.ly/ZXvck3




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