Deliverables for next lesson

May 6, 2014 - Resources

Prepare the following things for lesson (13/05):

1. Situation map: Make a clear map about the situation described in your Map It session. Try to make it look good and be creative. Please no Powerpoint graphs.(format A3)

2. Moodboard related to the critical situation selected by the group. You can use collage, mosaic, grids, ect…(format A3)

3. Select 5 possible approaches and put the in graphic.(format A3)

4. Post at least 1 project related to your critical situation on the website


Prepare the following things for lesson (06/05):

In the course of this two weeks, each of you is expected to post at least one reference project on what you consider might be Public Design (create a new post and put it under the category of Reference Projects andPublic Design) and at least one of what you consider is a creative way of communication (same, but under the category Creative Communication instead). In the blog there is already some resources available (like the video on Public Design, some reference projects and part of the text of Carl Disalvo).

Besides that, for the next session, each person should research around a specific situation you want to work on around the area of Winterslag (C-Mine) and make a map/diagram/infographic about it. I will also post some examples in the coming days.

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