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May 12, 2014 - Bacon / Student Projects 2014

The Happiness and Connection Project

The Mission

I love music. But more than that, I love what music does for people. It brings us together, it saves us in times of despair, it makes us cry when we don’t know why, and it reminds us how alive life can feel. This is what I do with my life. I create music and perform it with this intention; to move people and give them an experience that I know music can provide.

So my project is pretty simple. I have dedicated my life to making people happy and bringing them together through music. I want to do this on a worldwide scale. I need your help to do that. After 2 years of digging deep, with the help of some incredible humans,  I have written and produced a 10 song album that I believe can fulfill this mission. Now we need to get this music out in every way possible. Check out everything on the page to learn more about how you can create happiness and connection. Pledge and let’s bring this mission to the world :)


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