In Sweden, Poignant Faceless Projections Highlight The Plight Of Child Refugees

May 19, 2014 - Disconnected Youth / Student Projects 2014

UNICEF Sweden recently ran a campaign featuring ghostly faceless projections of children on the streets of Stockholm. 

Created by Stockholm-based PR agency Deportivo, the projections depict child figures walking down stairs, running across sidewalks, and napping on benches. They were meant to highlight the plight of child refugees in the country and to champion for the Rights of the Child treaty to be inducted into Swedish law. 

The campaign was spurred by the rising numbers of children entering Sweden alone over the years. Last year, 3,500 children arrived unaccompanied, compared to 388 children in 2004. 

Most of the children had been subjected to trauma from war, poverty, violence, abuse, and political persecution, and had to adapt to Swedish life without parental guidance. 

A 2007 report suggested that such a dramatic increase in immigration would place stress on the system and that steps were needed to ensure they were protected from further abuse. 

According to UNICEF Sweden, most Swedes are unaware of the child refugees in their midst despite Sweden’s history of support for worldwide human rights, which “apply to all children, regardless of citizenship or where they have a residence permit”. 

Though Sweden was one of the first countries to endorse the Rights of the Child in 1990, UNICEF believes enforcement officials place more importance on local regulations, thus the need to write the treaty into Swedish law. 

Interested readers can pledge support for the cause by signing a petition online, and can follow the campaign onFacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Watch a video of the campaign and ponder over the poignant images below. 

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