I Am Just Like U

May 19, 2014 - Disconnected Youth / Student Projects 2014

I Am Just Like U is founded on influential, heartfelt storytelling of the every day black male. Communicating these stories of healthy, productive and integrity filled lives through a series of unique and simple images. To rise up and call out the role models of the current generations. 


Our Game Plan

We need YOUR help to make a long lasting change in our society. That not only has an impact on today’s generation, but those to come.  Here is the breakdown of what we want to do and where the funds will go:

2014 Objectives:

  1. Reach 1000 men = 1000 stories. Ages 10 and up
  2. Host IAJLU One-Day collaborative & service oriented workshops
  3. Hold an Annual IAJLU Conference in Los Angeles
  4. Interactive city-wide campaigns in at least 3 major markets

Game Plan:

–  Creative Launch Campaign that will target 10 different key cities nationwide with experiential events, photoshoots, interviews, and onsite call to action involvement.

–  Strategic Social Media marketing and movement across all channels to create the underground synergy and awareness worldwide.

–  Online Magazine that will showcase the lives and stories of the inspiring and life-giving men we meet.

–  Team up with city officials to create citywide sponsored promotions (i.e. billboards, bus stop posters, local newspaper ads, etc.)

–  Install One Day Workshops and Annual Conference* to bring all ages together, locally and nationally, in a time of encouragement and refinement.

–  Partner with companies, organizations, and individuals who grasp the IAJLU vision to enable a revenue response via sponsorship, donation through Indiegogo campaign, IAJLU t-shirts, and conference fees.

*Focus of Conference: healthy finances; college application and personal statements; mathematics, business and arts; emotional intelligence and personal empowerment; round table with city officials; graduation celebration with celebrity and motivational speakers.


What’s In It For YOU…

·  $5 – A personal Thank YOU!

·  $20 – A personal Thank YOU and Twitter shoutout

·  $50 – free IAJLU T-shirt and Twitter shoutout

·  $100 – – Signed T-shirt by Edi & the original members of the campaign

·  $250 – Signed T-shirt by Edi & the original members of the campaign & mention in IAJLU compilation CD credits

·  $500 Signed T-shirt by Edi, mention in IAJLU compilation CD credits, social media shoutout

·  $1000 – Signed T-shirt by Edi,  mention in IAJLU compilation CD credits, social media shoutout, and Meet & Greet at the Launch Party in LA

·  $5000 – Signed T-shirt by Edi, mention in IAJLU compilation CD credits, social media shoutout, skype call with Edi, Meet & Greet at the Launch Party in LA, and Free Leadership in Service Workshop for 20 teens in their city


Other Ways YOU Can Help…

We would love for you to help us share our heart with your community.  Join us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn.  Spread the word about our heart and mission – together we can make a difference and inspire change to impact the world!

** A huge THANK YOU to the amazing Director Ben Caird for donating his time and efforts into making this IAJLU campaign video.  We are so thankful to you in believing in our cause and catching our vision and in turn creating this a piece to help us communicate.**

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