Problem Map

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S Oil HERE balloon

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S Oil HERE balloon


Design Innovation Vennestraat

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A project commissioned by the Design Platform Vlanderen seeked to link designers Thomas Lommee and Christiane Hoegner with local shops of the Vennestraat. The project was aimed towards the ‘identity’ of the street. It was exhibited in the Conflict & Design exhibition.

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Winterslag Cité Map

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To download the map that Laura was talking about and showing us last Tuesday in her introduction/tour, click HERE.  

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Public Design: A short rant on the What & Why of Public Design

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Carl Disalvo on Public Design

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Adversarial Design – Carl Disalvo (pdf)

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Here is a pdf with the introduction and conclusion texts of the book Adversarial Design, from Carl Disalvo. Click HERE to download the first part. Click HERE to download the second part.

Module Program

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Creative Design Module 2015 Coached by: Gert Wastyn and Pablo Calderon Salazar   Description text The Creative Design Module this year will focus on Public Design. Students will be challenged to work with real constituents (interaction) on the area around the C-Mine, and constantly communicate their ideas and process through the use of different media.  …

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  WEEK PROGRAM April 22: Morning: Walk around C-Mine area with Laura as guide. Presentation of the module and some references. Introduction Pablo CalderonAfternoon: Introduction Gert Wastyn Exploration of topics May 6: Morning: Small ‘exhibit’ on individual chosen situation, students group-up and lecture. Afternoon: Brainstorm on a chosen ‘critical situation’. Map-It  



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Creative Design Module 2014 On Public Design and Creative Communication   The (public) space in and around Winterslag (C-Mine) is an under-explored context full of potential. It is a meeting point for people from different backgrounds and expertises (creatives, students, miners, commerce, residents, etc). A designer should be able to interpret the interests of a…

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Examples of Creative Communication

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Hi from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo. Analogue Facebook from Pablo Calderón on Vimeo.